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Interested in lomo ?

Let me suggest you the suitable lomo camera for newbies, hm its Holga 135. It is easy to use, and also use 35mm that easily find in any local photo shop. Have a variety of colours, very nice and cute.

Two aperture settings, and two shutter settings for manual handling. Good for newbies oh yeah and also cheap !

Now get started and enjoy ! :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

One response to Interested in lomo ?

  1. Lann Shaukani says:


    entah cemane gua boleh duk explore blog lu.

    pd pendapat gua. suitable cameras utk newbie basically colorsplash/fisheye2. takpayah pikir pasal focus, jarak, setting apa semua. point n shoot. settle.

    kalau diana/holga dah kena fikir focusing, nak kena tgk jarak ke apa lagi. kalau gambar tak jadi, rugi pulak ye dak. nak nak kalau pakai slides.

    tu jela pendapat gua.

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