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Why not to buy a digital toy camera

Digital (Ouch it hurt to type that) toy cameras are popping up all over the internet at the moment, but I want to share why I don't think you should invest.

What I don't want to do with this post is start a huge debate about digital vs film, because we already know the conclusion...film rocks harder. 

What I want to show you, is that there is little, if any point investing in one of these little money making creations, because you probably already have one on you...Yourmobile phone camera. 

Providing you have a mobile phone camera and some kind of image editing software. Gimp is a good choice for those who can't rip off *cough splutter* afford Adobe Photoshop CS5.

So folks, I don't endorse digital, but please bear this in mind when you see an advert for a digital toy camera. You already have one in your pocket!

Please think carefully! Sure the cameras look cool and cute, but are they really worth it? I don't think so when I can get results like that with something I already have. :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

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