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Where are you Mr.Postman ?

Assalamualaikum guys.

Yeah the title is right. Im waiting for my next delivery that is Superheadz 35mm Adapter. I bought it online from The *Click* Shop because that is the only shop that have this kinda adapter for my Holga 120GCFN. This adapter can make my Holga shoot with 35mm film with sprocket effects. Awesome ! :)

This is it, the Superheadz 35mm Adapter. Only for Holga 120 type. 
Can't wait for it !

Oh yeah im gonna shoot this raya with my Holga  120GCFN ! 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

One response to Where are you Mr.Postman ?

  1. Wafi Halim says:

    I'm on my way to get a new camera.
    An SLR. Perhaps after Raya.

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