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A day at Penang

Assalamualaikum guys.

Today me and my friend Faizal went to Penang by motorcycle. We started our journey at 10 am and safely rechead Queensbay at 2 pm. What ? 2 hours ? Yeah i ride it slowly because its a long journey. After that we seached for some clothes and get it at Brands Outlet. After settled, we went to 1st Avenue (Analogue Kaki Shop) and i bought my compact analogue camera. Very cute and awesome.

Welcome to the family Al Tomadachi :) Oh yeah, before we reached 1st Avenue, the clouds started to cried. We only get hit a little bit by it and we safely reached there but there was a problem. Hoho all the journey went back home was filled with rains. So cold back then. Although it's cold, its still a memorable journey. Eh forget to say, we iftar at BM Tom Yam with Faizal's friend. Nice trip with motorcycle :)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

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